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Each industry has its own and unique challenges, and therefore demands its own solutions for customer service.

Contact Centre Outsourcing

Customer Experience – Customers are vitally important and making it easy for them to contact you in their chosen medium is becoming more crucial as a differentiator. You also have to ensure that when they speak to you they get the best level of service so they want to tell their friends about the amazing customer experience   

We provide omnichannel, multilingual support and deliver award winning performance enhancing your brand at every touch point of the customer journey.

Here at 60K, we realise the importance of this interaction and since 2008 we have been working on turning our clients’ customers into their fans and keeping them ahead of the competition.

Outbound Sales/Lead Generation – Whether it is the generation of qualified leads to feed your sales team or outsourcing the whole sales process, 60K has the experience and can provide skilled sales agents needed to make these projects a success. We work to build a mutually beneficial commercial environment which drives the appropriate win-win model with the ultimate goal of delivering increased revenue for the client.

Technical Support – Based in Bulgaria, 60K has access to an unprecedented pool of IT talent and provide Tier 1,2 and 3 level support to our clients covering topics from MS Office to bespoke software and hardware. Based on our experience, we have made recommendations, such as targeted training or self-service portals, which once implemented by our clients, have reduced call volumes as well as  costs to serve.

Business Process Outsourcing

Back Office – With back office processes the accuracy of the work becomes paramount if the client is to realise the commercial benefits of outsourcing. 60K have experience in many back office services including image tagging, accounts payable, data mining and image classification. So whatever your requirement you can call on our expertise to deliver the best results that based upon our track record often delivers in excess of 98% accuracy.

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