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Each sector has unique challenges and this is where 60K’s experience is invaluable.

We are...

Cost Effective

We are here for you to build something for the long run at a competitive cost.

We are...


We will adapt to what you need

Client Focused

We listen to you because you know your business best and we want you to succeed.

Service Excellence

We will support your customers and your brand with a top level services

Trust and Confidence

We want you to feel secure and confident when you hand over your business to our expertise.


transition when outsourcing to us. No compromising with quality of service regardless of the transition stage.


We are here to support your best ideas, your clients and to provide excellent solutions on a top professional level.


We are accessible, understanding, and we speak your language

More about 60K

We are experts in providing unique and complex solutions to meet client’s needs.

Over the years we have gained vast experience in different industries with some world renowned brands being a part of our client portfolio. Through increasing metrics for our clients (such as NPS and CSAT), we help them build strong relationships with their customers and strengthen their competitive advantages. Customer Experience is now the main battleground for the brands which is where 60K excels and this is where businesses win or lose.

Choosing the right outsourcing partner will inevitably result in future growth of your business and more satisfied clients.

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