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Each Sector Has Unique Challenges and This is Where 60K’s Experience is Invaluable.

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Our Large, Highly Skilled and Multicultural Team Gives us Our Strength and Ensures we Keep a Fresh Perspective

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We Use Data we Gather From Customer Interactions to Help Our Clients Improve Products and Deliver Business Results

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We are Always on the Lookout for New Risks and Threats, and Comply with International Regulations on Data Privacy.

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We are Experts in Providing Unique and Complex Solutions to Meet Our Clients' Needs.

Over the years we have gained vast experience in different industries with some world renowned brands being a part of our client portfolio. Through increasing metrics for our clients (such as NPS and CSAT), we help them build strong relationships with their customers and strengthen their competitive advantages. Customer Experience is now the main battleground for the brands which is where 60K excels and this is where businesses win or lose.

Choosing the right outsourcing partner will inevitably result in future growth of your business and more satisfied clients.

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