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Whithout these cookies our website will not function properly and this is the reason you cannot turn them off. They can be restricted from your browser settings but this will cause unexpected behaviour of our website.

Why 60K uses cookies?

Cookies help us improve our site to provide you with more quality and personalized content, so:

  • our site is functioning correctly and securely on the device you use it;
  • to show you relevant suggestions through our banners when surfing the web;
  • produce web site performance statistics to make it easier and more comfortable to work with.

What is a cookie and what is a pixel?

When a web page loads from a site, it creates and sends a cookie. The information in this cookie is saved as a text file in the user's web browser/device and may contain an identifier to distinguish different browsers.

Pixels are small code blocks on site pages and emails. Most often, they are used together with cookies to help manage site or emails, and to collect information about online work.

Are Cookies safe?

Since cookies are text files, they can not harm your computer or access files you store on your device.

What kinds of cookies do I have?

Cookies are divided into 2 main types regarding the timeframe:

  • session cookies - they are temporarily saved while browsing the site's pages to ensure its proper functioning or to personalize the information you see during this particular visit. Session cookies are deleted when you close your browser.
  • permanent cookies - they are kept on your device for a certain amount of time or until you delete them. These cookies help us analyze the traffic data on our site, monitor its proper behaviour and improve it. In addition, our suggestions can reach you while browsing other websites.

Regarding the origin of cookies, we also distinguish two main types:

  • custom cookies - These cookies are placed by the owner of the website
  • third-party cookies - they are placed by a third party partner with the consent of the site owner.

According to their necessity, cookies are:   

  • required cookies for site functionality - they are responsible for the proper functioning of the site and its capabilities that the user wants to use. Without these cookies, the site and its services may not perform well;
  • security cookies - serve to protect user information from unauthorized parties, protect the site from malicious attempts to attack. These cookies are also mandatory for sites that have registration forms and user profiles to ensure the security of the personal data provided;
  • Cookies that support business development - these cookies help develop the site and the company. They allow us to analyze and evaluate our site's user experience by tracking various metrics such as traffic, visits, and drop-outs to specific pages, conversions, and more. They also help improve customer service and communication, such as engaging in relevant marketing campaigns. These cookies can be deleted.

There are many ways to manage the cookies that are saved - for example, through browser settings or through the settings of the sites you visit. It's important to keep in mind that if you disallow all cookies on your browser, you will not be able to use some of the functionality on our site.

It is important to keep in mind that if you refuse to use certain cookies, this will limit their future creation but will not remove current cookies that have already been created. In addition, to preserve your preference, we will keep it in a cookie.

Are there cookies that link to other sites?

We use links to external pages. We do not have access to the cookies that may be contained on these sites and the information they record.


Last update: 10.06.2019