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The New Year began with a fantastic finish of 2017! After a whole month of charity events and initiatives, we are extremely proud to announce that our joined efforts and dedication gave more than satisfying results and we managed to collect just over 10 000lv for all causes and people that we supported during our Christmas activities. Last year, we told you about a lot of initiatives that we took part in but without a doubt, our most successful ones were our Christmas charity projects. We worked with the organizations "Detchita", "Different but Equal" and "Trotoara" but we also supported two lovely children – Nikki who is battling cancer and little Georgi who is fighting with cystic lymphangioma. 60K"s amazing team of winners showed what we"re really made of! We ran marathons, organized workshops and participated in different events, all for the incentive to help those in need. We are extremely proud of all of our employees who showed great initiative and empathy, and donated their time and money for all the causes! We have a very exciting year ahead which without a doubt will bring us more partners friends and satisfaction. We will continue to strive to engage everyone working at 60K with different social and charity initiatives to help the community and to empower others to do so too.
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