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2017 was a very active year for 60K"s employees. For our final sport"s initiative, we participated in the Tech Run, organized by Begach Running Club. This time we had a limited number of participants with a total of 10 people who ran the marathon last Saturday, 10th December. We are very proud of our employees who, in spite of the bad weather conditions and heavy snow managed to complete the race.The Tech Run is specifically organized for companies and individuals working in the Tech industry. It is a charity initiative, which supports a different organization each year. This was the first time that 60K participated in the event and we hope that next year we will have a lot more representatives from the company. The marathon took place in Sofia Tech Park and was divided in two disciplines – 5 and 10 km. There were almost 100 participants from different companies, most of which ran in the 10 km discipline. We would like to thank our most enthusiastic employees who took part in the marathon and we cannot wait to start off the New Year with more sports activities in support of different charity causes.
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