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Every year, we at 60K aim to support different charity foundations and organizations as our duty as a socially responsible company here in Bulgaria.A very dear to us cause is the "One in 8" charity foundation which supports women with different stages of breast cancer. We have been working with them since the very beginning of their activities and are extremely grateful for the work that they do and the support that they provide not only in the community but all over the country.This year, "One in 8" surprised us with a wonderful thank you card, expressing their appreciation of our support and help. We are very grateful for this recognition but the true gratitude is all the women who have benefited tremendously from the organization and whose lives have been made a little bit better in these hard times thanks to "One in 8".We will not stop supporting them with whatever we can and we would like to wish "One in 8" and everyone struggling with breast cancer a bright future ahead and a lot of positivity in the New Year."No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another." ― Charles Dickens
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