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Motivation, Self-motivation, Ownership

As part of the annual program for training and development of our staff, a training session on "Motivation” was held with one of Zumba project teams.

During this training participants learned how to set up effective personal goals and how to find the motivation they need to achieve them. This is the essence of personal development. It is a set of skills designed to help us reach our full potential in both, our work and our personal life. By understanding how to motivate each other and ourselves in our daily lives we will be able to achieve more in both areas. Controlling our desires and conforming our characters towards the goal we are chasing is the way to go in our personal lives as well as our professional ambitions. 

Motivation can be explained as one of the leading forces that drives us ahead and gives us the encouragement and desire to achieve our goals. Achieving ones goals in turn will make us  feel better fulfilled and will help us improve the overall quality of our lives.

zumba motivation training
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