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March women's empowerment month_Valeria Tanova

1. Full name, position at the company

Valeria Tanova – Technical lead, Tier 1 and Supervisor Teams

2. When did you join 60K?
I’ve been a part of my project in 60k since it was founded in May 2019. It offers a messaging platform used by world-renowned brands, which has many integrations and features, as well as conversational bots and AI.

3. What was the role when you started, and how did it change ?
When I first joined 60k, I was a Senior Technical Support specialist
Later I got promoted to a Shift Supervisor and afterward to a Technical Lead for the Tier 1 and Supervisor Teams.

4. Tell us a little bit about your daily tasks and your role
The purpose of my role is to ensure that our support teams’ operation is running smoothly, exceptional customer service is provided, and that each team reaches their goals, both on a personal and on a team level. It is essential to be a team player and follow our strict support processes since we have many activities that need to be distributed between the colleagues on shift and performed correctly. My job is to ensure that these responsibilities are properly aligned with my peers.
Giving (and receiving) feedback is also a huge part of my daily routine since I am heavily involved in the interviewing process and the training of new employees and the up-training of already hired agents.

5. How do you usually celebrate March 8th? What does the holiday mean to you?
March 8th, for me, is a symbol of women’s strength. I celebrate it by appreciating the women in my family and those close to me.

6. Who do you see as the leading female role?
I don’t think that a ‘leading female role’ can be a title set to one person.
Each woman is a leader in her own way, each woman has different skills, qualities, and strengths. Therefore, we are all leaders in different aspects of our lives, and in different ways. This is what makes us all unique.

7. What qualities make a great female leader?
I don’t think we should compare ‘female’ and ‘male’ leaders. To be a successful leader, you need the same qualities, never mind the gender.
A great leader is a person that listens to their peers’ feedback and tries to make the environment for their team better. Leaders should also be close with their peers and serve as an example that others should look up to. I’m trying to be friendly and approachable to everyone to be able to help each person grow and sharpen their skills.

8. What barriers have you faced, as a woman, in becoming successful in your field? How did you overcome them?
Since our project is more oriented towards technical abilities and technical skills, one may think that male leaders and employees would vastly dominate the project and the company itself, but I am happy to see and work with a huge variety of people. Our products are upgraded and new features are released very frequently, so I need to stay on top of all new releases to help support my team.

9. Based on your own experience, what advice would you give to women considering pursuing a career in your field?
The technical field has very high competition. The area is saturated, but that should serve as a motivational factor to make us strive to be the best and keep ourselves updated with the latest tendencies and trends. The world needs a more female perspective in the tech field

10. How is 60K/your managers supporting you in your personal and career development?
Ever since I joined 60k, the project leaders have been offering great support and advice in terms of not only my development but also the development of all teams.
Conversations with my manager regarding career opportunities, performance feedback, and personal development are not taboo topics but rather something that is discussed in an open, friendly manner and on a regular basis. We evaluate and create growth paths together and the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve these set goals.

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60K's story is a proof that when people work together as a team and put their best efforts nothing is unachievable. That is how our company became the largest independent outsourcer on the Balkans.

Due to our business and operational expansion, we are looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join our team and to become the face of our international clients providing world-class customer service.

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