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March women's empowerment month Meet Vaya

Full name, position at the company

Hi, lovely reader, my name is Vaya Gerasimova and I’m a full-time Development Specialist in 60k International Contact Centre.   

When did you join 60K?

Looking back at it, it seems like a decade but just about two and a half years ago I stepped into our building for my first interview very nervous, but impatiently excited about what’s to come.   

What was the role when you started, and how did it change (if applicable)?

Once upon a time (hihih), I joined the company as a call advisor. For anybody reading, it may sound weird but personally, for me it was an absolute pleasure to take calls, take care of my customers, and enjoy the time between with my team in the office.

Took me 11 months of working on enhancing my already developed skills and qualities to finally be able to apply for my current position. I believe it is vital for a company to allow the same start for everyone as this shows self-dedication towards their goals.   

Tell us a little bit about your daily tasks and your role

I often joke that my job could easily be described as a high school teacher – as I take care of the whole training process when an employee joins our project, prepare them well and then they take off to their teams and team leader who further develop their skills.

Very often I also take part in the recruitment process, which allows me to know my trainees even better and be with them from the first moment in our company.   

How do you usually celebrate March 8th ? What does the holiday mean to you?

8TH of March is the ultimate day for me. I’m a birthday girl on 7th of March and for some reason, 8th has always been more favorable to me.

My idea of a perfect 8th of march is mom, my little sister, and I, theater, cinema, or in this year’s case – poetry reading. I’m taking them to famous Bulgarian actors and actresses reading Bulgarian poems on a special day, of course celebrating women characters, poetess and muses.   

Who do you see as the leading female role?

Everyone perceives the leading role in a different way and of course, it resonates with their own morals and goals. I’m a firm believer that every leading position must build confidence, reassurance, and a sense of accountability within your team. For me, a leading female role is Kamala Harris, Vice-President of the United States and I adore her famous saying: “ The number of times I’ve heard the word ‘no’ — or that something can’t be done — in my life is too many to count. I’m honored to be considered a ‘first,’ but I always think about the people who came before and paved the way for me to get where I am today.”   

What qualities make a great female leader?

For a successful leading female leader, one should be a strong communicator, also value work-life balance, and most importantly focus on teamwork. For me, it is, of incredible importance for the female leader to understand that balance is crucial. This is my personal resolution since being in a leading position.   

What barriers have you faced, as a woman, in becoming successful in your field? How did you overcome them?

Turning back to the beginning of my journey in the company, I was my own obstacle. It may sound strange for some, but I am a person who doesn’t have much faith in myself, and back then I wasn’t very keen on applying for positions, because that would disrupt my comfort zone. How did I get over it? Honestly, I haven’t yet, but progressing and moving on, taking different responsibilities, and delivering results are great ways to challenge myself. Also, having the endless support of my best friends, who all happen to be female leaders in our company   


Based on your own experience, what advice would you give to women considering pursuing a career in your field?

I would encourage them to do so, promising I’ll their loudest cheerleader! While developing people, enhancing their qualities and skills, and making sure they work towards their own development is also a first-class ticket to archiving your goals confidently. This development position is a gateway of motivating others while climbing your own professional ladder and accomplishing your goals.

How is 60K/your managers supporting you in your personal and career development?

Undeniably, a supportive working environment is a key component for succeeding in any company position. Everyone within the company is just as important as our managers – our people, our teams and our team leaders are crucial for everyone’s personal development.

To finish on a positive note, my advice is: Take on every possible opportunity it will build your self-persistence, sense of belonging and motivate you to escape your comfort zone. And there are people who will support you and continue rooting for you!

Customer Service Representative with English


60K's story is a proof that when people work together as a team and put their best efforts nothing is unachievable. That is how our company became the largest independent outsourcer on the Balkans.

Due to our business and operational expansion, we are looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join our team and to become the face of our international clients providing world-class customer service.

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