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March women's empowerment month_Meet Vasilena Kostova- Georgieva

My name is Vasilena Kostova-Georgieva. Officially I am a trainer in our project, but I am taking another management position as well. I am leading one of the biggest teams in the project. Basically, as a trainer, I am responsible on the onboarding of the new employees, and I am leading the induction trainings in the first week of their employment.        

Q: When did you join 60K? What was the role when you started, and how did it change (if applicable)?   

I am working for 60k since July 2014. I have started as a regular agent, a year later I was promoted and took the position "Senior agent". I am proud to say that I have never seek for promotion, I just was seen, hopefully because of my qualities as an employee. In 2016 I got pregnant, so I spent two years in maternity leave. In 2018 I got back on work. My team did not exist anymore, so I spent time in different teams till I found my place as Senior agent. In 2019, my managers, Boris Kolev and Lilyana Dancheva, proposed me the position of trainer. Of course, I accepted with heart full of joy! And then, the pandemic came, and we stopped hiring new people, so there was no work for a trainer. But the destiny is something very interesting and unpredictable. There was a new task, which needed to be developed, the agents needed to be trained on it and this was the begging of my team. We started the team with 6-7 agents, now we are 21. We are working on a lot and different tasks, and I am very proud of my team, of every agent involved to our work .   

Q: Tell us a little bit about your daily tasks and your role

My role is very challenging, sometimes very stressful. Sometimes it makes me angry and very nervous, but at the same time I receive all the satisfaction I need to receive from my working day. My day starts very early, at 8 o'clock I am already on my home office spot and already focused on the daily tasks, which are waiting for me.

In general, I am doing all the things that all team leads usually do. I am communicating with the client (in my case these are our colleagues in Israel), I am communicating with the team members, leading training/feedback sessions. I am preparing tasks for the agents or for the client, after the work is already done. I am helping the agents to do their work better through answering a lot of questions, organizing different session, which goal is to improve agent's knowledges in different working related areas. Of course, I need to resolve a lot of problems - behaviors issues like unapproved rescheduling, administrative problems like paid/sick leave, and mostly working process related problem - expired accounts, non-working tools, or equipment and so on.

I am responsible for the monthly performance evaluation of the agents, for providing them any kind of feedback and many others.               

Q: How do you usually celebrate March 8th ? What does the holiday means to you?

Honestly, I do not celebrate this event. I don't know why, there is no specific reason. I started to think about this day as a holiday when I became a mother and when my son was old enough to draw me some pictures and cards for this holiday. A funny fact is that he always draws a portrait of me and this year I had only one tooth :D. I have always considered this holiday as a mother day, so I do not miss to congratulate it to my mother and my mother in low. For me, the essence of this holiday is to be grateful to all women, who are making the world better indeed and to be grateful to our mothers, who give their lives to raise and educate good people.   


Q: Who do you see as the leading female role? What qualities make a great female leader? What barriers have you faced, as a woman, in becoming successful in your field? How did you overcome them?

In general, I think that women are better leaders than men. Women are more organized, concentrated, able to be multitasking. A lot of men are thinking that the women are too emotional to be good leaders, but I am not sharing this point of view. Yes, women are emotional, but when it comes to their personal live. In an official, working environment the women are not emotional at all, they manage to control their fillings, they can handle with a lot of stress and their reactions are more ... let's say wiser. Something very important is that we can apologies when we are mistaken and to make order in a totally disorder environment.

Our project is full of women on management positions, and they all are doing their job just perfect. My inspiration often is our Ops, Lilyana Dancheva. The way she is leading the project makes me feel comfort and sure that I have somebody who is keeping my back and somebody I really can count on. Of course, our boys are top as well, but still ... girls' power.

In the past two years, I saw how women are handling their job and taking care about their kids at the same time, without harming the working process. Even more, we increased our productivity even when we needed to do a lot of things at the same time. I am pretty sure that men cannot do that    


Q: What barriers have you faced, as a woman, in becoming successful in your field? How did you overcome them?

Honestly, I have not ever had any kind of barriers on working point of view. I have never been underestimated by my colleagues, female, or male. Probably, because we created very friendly relationships and we seek to help each other.

Something interesting is that every team in our project is led by a woman and a man. Every female/male has its own other half from the opposite sex. And we are doing great work together. And this can be only count on that we know our strengths and weaknesses and we are helping and covering each other.

On other side, there are always people, who looks on you a little incredulous, because they are led by a woman, for instance. And when you prove that you are good leader regardless of your sex, nobody continues to doubt on you just because you are a woman. May be, this is the main difficulty for a female leader, that we need to prove ourselves that we are good leaders indeed. Nobody gives a trust in advance. But I think that the world is different from it was like 20 years ago, and women are already equal to male.

However, the support from your line manager is very important. I have had a lot of great managers, who I learned a lot from. I would like to mention their names because they were and some of them still are an important part of my live, not only the professional one, but the personal as well. Lilyana Dancheva, Irina Dimitrova, Boris Kolev and Stanislav Stamenov, I am so grateful for the support they gave to me for all these years. You are the best and I really mean it!   


Q: Based on your own experience, what advice would you give to women considering pursuing a career in your field?

My advice to all women is to never give up on their dreams. Women deserves to work, what they want to and not what they are told to. Women should not be afraid to have a family and great career, because it is possible and can be eastly combine. 

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60K's story is a proof that when people work together as a team and put their best efforts nothing is unachievable. That is how our company became the largest independent outsourcer on the Balkans.

Due to our business and operational expansion, we are looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join our team and to become the face of our international clients providing world-class customer service.

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