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March women's empowerment month_Kristina Mladenova

1.Full name, position at the company

Katerina Mladenova, Customer Experience Leader

2.When did you join 60K?

I joined back in Sept 2016

3.Who was your female role model? Why?

One of my best friends – a woman who’s mainly dedicated to her family and home and perhaps some of you will say “So what, there is no extraordinary in here”. Actually, there is – she’s the most passionate and relentless person when it comes to keeping the balance of wellbeing, development and strive for success of her close ones. And that’s what a true role model and leader does – they ignite our will to be better.

Of course, I admire on some famous women as well such as Michelle Obama, Brené Brown, Sarah Jakes Roberts.

4.What was the role when you started, and how did it change (if applicable)?

Tell us more about your current role and daily tasks- I started my journey at 60k as a Customer Service Representative and it took quite some time to gain the confidence, to start believing in myself and striving for personal development and growth. As per my current mindset, that was a mistake because as a woman, the sooner you start to pursue your goals and dreams, the further you can go.

I’m a Customer Experience Leader now and I’m also part of some additional projects related to the development of new leaders and the support for the existing ones within the Compliance field. Some of my daily tasks, a part of the administrative ones, are to communicate any goals and action plans with my team, to motivate them increasing their productivity, to lead 1-2-1s and team sessions, and of course, ensuring their well-being at work.

5.What do you think is the single biggest issue currently facing women in education/career development?

It’s an undeniable fact, that the business and educational world has been reshaped a lot during the past decades to encourage women development.

When a woman is good at something it means that she has invested huge amount of time, has gone through her inner doubts either or not that would be enough and successful, has transformed her hopes and beliefs into well-balanced and prices actions while controlling her emotions and gaining confidence to present her job to the others. And my biggest concern is that a woman’s job performance is not only judged equally with her male colleagues but judged fairly as per the efforts and energy she invests. If women what to get noticed and recognized well for their work, they shall be more vocal, to express their ideas and remind of their contribution more often, but in a very classy and discreet way. Otherwise, that may be understood as lack of emotional intelligence, inner strength, and low self-esteem.

6.How can we best promote a more accepting, gender-neutral society?

We should start from explaining out loud what gender-neutral society means and why this is important. And it is because there must be equal opportunities for all individuals no matter their gender in the society, education, family, career, politics and etc. A business should be very clear in setting rules that apply for everyone, to ensure fair and productive feedback and provide equal development opportunities for male and female so they can culture this acceptance of the gender-neutral society.

7.What would be your advice for the next generation of women/ women who want a career development in your field?

Start today, not tomorrow, not next year, not when you feel ready, but today. It might be a long way to overcome your personal insecurities, to make your voice heard and prove your skills and experience. Just become comfortable with the uncomfortable and be dedicated to your goals. Stop comparing to others and trying to adjust yourself to everyone’s expectations, as the world and the business need unique leaders. Last but not least, understand and control your emotions but always trust your intuition.

8.How important is it for women to lift each other up and what does that mean to you?

Motivation and understanding can be quite powerful if these come from someone either personally close to you or someone who realizes your job challenges, goals, efforts, and achievements. Women can look after each other sincerely, be genuine in their intentions and honest in their communication- this is the only way women can lift each other. I’ve experienced it in both ways but when I help others is much more valuable for me.

9.How is 60K/your managers supporting you in your personal and career development?

There have always been equal opportunities for men and women starting from the very first recruitment to join in the company. It gives you the faith that here you can prove what you can despite your gender.

As to my line manager, he is the person who always helps me to keep the balance in my work and life goals, he listens and acknowledges my concerns, emotions and treat me as an equal. What values most for personal and job development are my manager’s trust and the additional responsibilities I’m given with. Both proves me I’m on the right way and this is quite motivating to continue.

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