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March women's empowerment month_Martina Tomova

Full Name, Position at the company

Martina Tomova, Deputy operations manager at our project        

When did you join 60K?   

I joined in the sunny June of 2016.      

What was the role when you started, and how did it change (if applicable)?

I started as an agent – taking calls and answering emails. Within a few months, I was promoted to a senior agent and the train begun the journey. The change was both big and expected – more responsibilities, more obligations, but also – more fun.      

Tell us a little bit about your daily tasks and your role

Most of my physical work (as much as sitting and typing on a computer can be physical) is organizing the team’s reporting – shifts, paid leave, overall performance. The other side, I’d like to call it emotional – is quite vast. There, I can be everything, depending on the case – a doctor, a psychologist, a joker, sometimes a lawyer too. People are coming to me with questions, usually different from the daily tasks and cases – sometimes I believe they see me as Google. J I feel that one of my main responsibilities is supporting people and understanding the logic behind their actions.      

How do you usually celebrate March 8th? What does the holiday mean to you?

To be honest, before I became a mother, the holiday was not that big for me. Of course, I would go out and do something different from a regular night at home, but it is not like planning it in advance. Now, is almost the same, but the difference is, I am eagerly expecting the gift my son of 4 would bring from the kinder garden’s – a picture he drew, or a flower he made, or the video from the teacher with him singing ‘My dear mom’ – all for me. That really makes me feel special.         

Who do you see as the leading female role? What qualities make a great female leader?

I do not have a specific role model person, but a role model behavior. I respect strong and confident women, who are, however, also able to respect others and say a simple ‘I am sorry’ when needed.

A leader is a leader – it does not matter if it is a woman or a man and the history shows great examples of both. In my opinion, a great leader – is the one who can make the people follow him/her with their hearts.      

Based on your own experience, what advice would you give to women considering pursuing a career in your field?

Before 60k, I lived and studied in Holland for 5 years. I was working as a cleaning lady – houses, restaurants, finesses, offices. I did not like it at all, but I had to work. At one point I had to turn down work because I was not able to handle more. My point is – cleaning, servicing, waitressing, running a bank – my own experience shows, that no matter the field, you need to give 110% of your efforts for what you are doing and you will prosper. In short - no matter what you do – do it properly.      

How is 60K/your managers supporting you in your personal and career development?

In this company, I have received nothing, but support and understanding in happy and tough times (both in personal life and work), feedback on how to be better, and appreciation of what I have achieved. To be completely honest, I do not know what more can one want from their superiors.

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60K's story is a proof that when people work together as a team and put their best efforts nothing is unachievable. That is how our company became the largest independent outsourcer on the Balkans.

Due to our business and operational expansion, we are looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join our team and to become the face of our international clients providing world-class customer service.

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