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7 Tips for Staying Productive While Working from Home

Work from Home

COVID-19 has led many companies to recommend that employees work from home. For many, remote work is a new reality and one that takes some getting used to. Below you can find our 7 tips which will help you stay productive while working from home. Just by following these 7 simple steps you can make the most out of the situation.       

This is the first part of a series of materials regarding the topic of Work/Life balance. 

When you exclusively work from home, physical boundaries between work and your personal life can feel virtually nonexistent. Even if you're organized, it can still be difficult to successfully manage your career and a household in the same space.       

We offer to you this hopefully useful information for maintaining a healthy Work/Life balance.

1. Set up a work space – Setting up a place at your home only for work will help for keep your focus on work during the working hours and to leave it behind when the business day is over.

2. Dress up before work – This is one of the few important habits that you’ll instinctively recognize as a sign that it’s time to get into “work” mode and do stuff.

3. Implement regular physical activity - Establishing a daily routine to set aside some time for exercises will not only enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing but also it will support your immune system.

4. Healthy snacks and water intake – Regular and healthy food intake will maintain your good tonus. Don’t forget the water – it is refreshing and your brain and body need it.

5. Practice meditation - Introducing any kind of meditation into your life can result in reduced stress, better attention and concentration and calmer thinking. There are different types of meditation practices and plenty of guidelines on the Internet, so you can choose what fits you best.

6. Find your hobbies - Research shows that people with hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, low mood, and depression. Maybe you have a talent for arts or you are a handy person? Now is the time to search for your forgotten or hidden talents and interests and to spend your spare time in a creative and fun way.

7. Stay connected with your closest people and share with them if you experience any difficulties. That is how you would be able to also offer support. To feel emotionally supported and to feel that you help others are two of the pillars that maintain our mental health balanced. Schedule family dinners through Skype or regular phone calls with your friends and don’t let the social distancing to become a real isolation.            


Covid-19 forced businesses around the world to switch to remote work virtually overnight. Working remotely is not a new concept and even if most of us don’t realize it, if you’ve ever sent an email from your cell phone, you’ve done remote work. Want to know more about the work from home.        

Read The “How to” Guide to Remote Work.    

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