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Spring is finally here but we are already one step ahead of the warm weather with a lot of fun social activities. Part of 60k"s agenda for the Easter period was also one external initiative, inspired by the national charity organization Holiday Heroes. Just a week away from one of the biggest Bulgarian holidays, 60k employees have once again joined forces for a wonderful cause! Holiday Heroes" Easter initiative gives the opportunity to people from all over the country to donate food and other packaged goods to families from different risk groups. The organization has donation stands in different supermarkets around the country and we have supported their cause by organizing a special Donation Station in our office. We are extremely happy to share that people welcomed this initiative with open hearts and we have managed to collect quite a lot of goods for those in need.

Holiday Heroes are one of the biggest charity organizations in Bulgaria which engages volunteers from all over the country for different activities throughout the year. Their Christmas and Easter initiatives are the most popular national charity events which help families in need by gathering food and organizing it in special boxes which are then being sent individually to each household. For this Easter, their aim was to put together 5000 boxes by the end of March. To this date they are just a few hundred boxes away from reaching their goal and we don"t have a single doubt that they will succeed.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this wonderful cause and brought food to our little Donation Station in the office! Once again, we have succeeded in bringing people together to help those in need. Here at 60k, we are constantly trying to introduce different opportunities for employee engagement and involvement in all types of charity and social activities. Another upcoming initiative that will be held in the office is an Easter charity Bazaar inspired by our Christmas bazaar which was extremely successful and popular among our staff. We will be supporting three organizations that we work with and cannot wait to see what treats and other hand-made goodies will be presented at the bazaar. Want to become a volunteer? Check out Holiday Heroes website via the following link:

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