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60k Employees Show Off Their Talents

60k has shown numerous times that its employees are not only good professionals but unique and talented people! And indeed, this was the main theme at our very own "Night of the Talents" which took place in Plovdiv this Tuesday, 1st May.

After a few months of auditions and preparation, our Plovdiv offices selected 8 gifted performers who took the stage in "Pasha club" and showed their friends a variety of skills. Our colleagues did a fantastic job singing, dancing and playing in front of their peers and 5 judges who were selected from all projects at the Plovdiv office.

The competition was fierce but at the end of the night the jury selected 4 performers who really stood out. Third place was taken by our colleague from the Sofia office – Todor Vladimirov who did an amazing solo guitar cover of the famous r&b hit "AYO Technology" by Justin Timberlake and 50 cent. Second in the competition came Danail Stanev with his performance of "My Way" by Frank Sinatra which was quite heart melting, especially for the ladies. The big prize at this year"s talent show was shared by two very talented people – Kameliya Molova who performed a cover of the "Cranberries" hit "Zombie" and Teodor Mitev who impressed the judges with his amazing electric guitar solo!

The night was also filled with fun games in between performances and a few surprising appearances by some of our braver colleagues who did not hesitate for a minute and took the stage for some improvе.

We hope everyone had a great time on Tuesday and we are really proud of our 60k peers who showed off their talents and did not shy away from the cheering of their colleagues! There are a few other initiatives of this kind that we are planning for this summer so watch out this space for more from 60k"s fantastic team!

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