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24th May is only a couple of days away and in honour of Bulgaria's day of Slavic Culture and Alphabet, we will be donating books to community centres in two small villages.

This is one of the most beloved national holidays which pays a tribute to the legacy of Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius, the creators of the Cyrillic alphabet. The holiday is celebrated with concerts and festive events around the country especially in schools and universities.

This year, 60k created a donation station in our Sofia and Plovdiv offices where employees gave away books for two small community centres in near-by villages. We managed to collect 6 big boxes of books from all types of genres and styles, together with some DVD and CDs.

For this initiative, we have teamed up with which have organized a special charity events for the community centres mentioned above. The event will take place today from 19:--h at club Macondo in Sofia where instead of paying for entry, people are required to bring a book. All books collected at the event tonight will be sent to the community centres in Vetren Dol and Dulboki.

We hope to organise a lot more donation initiatives in the future together with different charity organisations and foundations. We would like to thank everyone at 60k who bought books to the office and made a donation for such a noble cause!

"If you look outside through the window, you can see the sky, but if you look into a book – you can see the whole world!" 

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