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The Most Powerful Words and Phrases in Customer Service

What are Power Words?

Power Words are ordinary words we use in conversations when we want to manipulate and provoke a specific reaction or feeling from the person we are talking to.

Power Words are most commonly used by marketing or copywriting professionals because of their application as tools for persuasion. With that in mind these words are also great for use in other fields such as customer service where they can be used by agents to positively influence customer perception.

Below we will take a look at some of the most common and beneficial Power Words in customer service together with an example on how customer service agents can use them in their daily communication with customers.         

1.Use “Understand” to Show Empathy

Empathy. We can all agree on the importance of showing empathy to your customers and that feeling of you lifting a weight off of their shoulders. This is where “I understand” comes in. It opens up the door for us to distinguish ourselves from everyone else out there and offer a truly honest and personalized experience.

Example – “I understand what you are saying. I myself have experienced a similar issue recently.”         

2.Say “Something” Instead of “Anything” to Show Willingness

Linguists at the Loughborough University found out that when we say: “Anything” people perceive it more negatively than: “Something”. That applies with full force in the retail sector where customers want to be courted and cared for.

Example“Is there anything else I can do for you?’ that sounds more negative than saying: ‘Is there something else that I can help you with?”      

3.Say “Willing” to Put the Customer in Control

People often get in touch with contact centers because they are experiencing a problem. A lot of time those problems would have made people frustrated. In turn you want to be speaking with calm customers who can explain the situation clearly. Embedding “Willing” when asking them to do something can be the key in getting them to calm down as it gives them the perception that you are putting them in control of the situation and people react more positively.

Example – “If you’re willing…?”    

4.Use “Free” to Attract Attention

Everyone likes to get free stuff. The word “Free” will help attract attention and spark the customer’s interest as it applies that he/she might receive something special.

Example – “And as a free addition to that, we offer…”      

5.Use “Change” to Show You Mean Business

“Change” is another great word to use when you are dealing with a frustrated customer. After you have let the customer vent and then shown empathy “Change” can show them that you mean business and you are immediately going to do something about their problem.

Example – “II suggest we change the approach here and look solution that…”      

In conclusion, Power Words are great to use in most forms of conversation, and especially so in contact centers where they can easily be added to scripts and included in the coaching sessions for agents to be able to use them effectively. 

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