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The Battlefield that is CX

In today’s highly competitive market, companies look for success on a new battlefield called customer experience. Usually, to compete, companies will turn to new technologies, and vendors will start to tell you how finding customer experience success depends on an almost complete overhaul of your call center and in-house systems. However, there is a way to avoid for the most part, this capital intensive process. By focusing instead on making small improvements in several key areas, you can improve your customer experience and stay ahead of the competition.

To achieve this you have to get used to making small, continuous changes across your entire business. Taken separately these small changes will not necessarily have an impact. But yet, each one of them will lead to a small gain and with time all of these marginal gains combined, will lead to amazing results. Because ultimately, what does good customer experience mean if not the combination or the sum of all the interactions, big or small, that a customer has with certain business. Customer experience means treating your customers a lot like you would treat your friends and generally people you meet in your life – small things matter. Whether it is having knowledge of their purchase history or bumping your big spenders to the top of the queue.

Adopting this mindset of optimizing for marginal gains is going to help your business deliver excellent customer service without breaking the bank. You don’t have to look any further to find proof that optimizing for marginal gains works than some of the world’s biggest and most innovative companies like Google for example. In 2014 Google discovered that if they lightened the shade of blue in their Gmail and search results advertising links they could increase click rates. They ran tests, using some 41 shades of blue to find out which one worked best. That small change in how they display advertising links earned Google an additional $200m in revenue.      

Key Areas that Can Drive Growth

Fulfilling your customer’s demands has always been difficult but making your customers feel wanted and special doesn’t have to be. If we can compare a business to a ship, as it is often done, businesses nowadays often find themselves with various hull-breaches while trying to sail full steam ahead. Often they are plagued with weaknesses that have a domino effect and all but cripple their ability to meet customer demands and provide good experiences. Companies loose loyal customers for reasons like low staff productivity and satisfaction, confusing IVRs or long wait times, etc. Your contact center is at the front of your business and every customer interaction no matter if it is via chat, phone, through social media or any other channel has to be easily accessible. The main obstacle for business here is to stay grounded and not get overwhelmed by the scale of the task as they try to look into every little thing that can help them achieve changes that will deliver their competitive advantage.         

Below are some areas where you can drive incremental change and growth within your business:

Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, some AI systems are almost as useful are real agents. Chat bots can be programmed to perform instant query handling irrespective of time and location. Wherever applicable, AI can already automate operations. For example, following up with customers is a very crucial part of customer experience which artificial intelligence can prioritize and perform. Crucially, however, there is a limit to the complexity and range of questions chat bots will be able to find answers to. In short Ai can take some of the load off while you focus on preparing your agents better.


Businesses need to get a more thorough understanding of what is going on with their customers and do more to analyze their spending habits and behavior if they want to be ready for the never changing demands.

Inbound Call Management

Connecting repeat callers to the same agent can be crucial as it may have a profound effect on the customer’s experience. It is also likely that it will improve customer perception, reduce costs and increase revenue since customers are more likely to talk to and spend more with people they already know and trust.

Social Networks and Chat

Social networks have been playing an important role for years but they are now also being used as some customer’s preferred method of contact. One reason for this may be the nature of these channels, allowing major issues to get resolved faster than traditional channels. Having a social channel doesn’t lead to additional expenditure and is a great way to reach out to your customer base.

PCI Compliance

There is more to processing payments than meets the eye since it is not purely a compliance issue. Utilizing technologies to streamline payments improves people’s trust, it can reduce time and allow the agent to build rapport and add value to the customer.      

 A main obstacle standing in front of every company is keeping up with the speed of change. We know that change can be intimidating but it is still necessary for it to continue. Optimizing for marginal gains, as we have described it here, is required for you to be clear on where you can make small changes and improve both, growth and strategy without costly infrastructure spending.

Where 60K comes in is to help you smooth out this process and make sure you achieve higher customer experience levels. Our business is helping ambitious people be even better tomorrow. This is done through deployment of the very best quality improvement and customer service system that delivers efficiency, improves customer engagement and profitability and protects your business.  

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