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Benefits of Messaging Apps

Texting as a business model.   

Few things are as important to the management of any business as effective communication. And while messaging platforms are most widely used for personal or recreational use, many business owners have embraced instant messaging in the workplace, to support or even replace traditional forms of communication.

Nowadays the growth of messaging has been fast. So fast in fact that it has surpassed everyone’s expectations. Messaging is multi-functional in a way that other channels aren’t. People expect 24/7 access to whatever and whoever they want at the speed of now.

The ability of brands to communicate with customers via their preferred communication channel has become imperative to providing a great customer experience. Connecting with the customers the way they want it, wherever and whenever they are is becoming more and more a competitive advantage for businesses.    

Business who use messaging apps achieve 33% higher customer satisfaction and more than 75% in cost savings. Sаme businesses report four times higher conversion rates and 10 times higher ROI.

Digital messaging's added customer value.

Customer experience is priority number 1 for all business. Messaging is a good way to provide better customer engagement.

One of the major perks of messaging is that it’s widely used and much less formal than other means of communication. That’s certainly not the only advantage, however. It connects people regardless where they are actually located. It’s easier to make a chat with someone than to make a phone call.

Messaging works best in situations where one-on-one communication should be real-time, but not necessarily spoken. It takes much more time to respond to an email than to respond to a text message. It really is instant communication, faster even than email.

Benefits of Messaging
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