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The Future Is Conversational Commerce

Messaging Apps and the Future of Conversational Commerce   

Texting as a business model.

Few things are as important to the management of any business as effective communication. And while messaging platforms are most widely used for personal or recreational use, many business owners have embraced instant messaging in the workplace, to support or even replace traditional forms of communication.

Nowadays the growth of messaging has been fast. So fast in fact that it has surpassed everyone’s expectations. Messaging is multi-functional in a way that other channels aren’t. People expect 24/7 access to whatever and whoever they want at the speed of now.

The ability of brands to communicate with customers via their preferred communication channel has become imperative to providing a great customer experience. Connecting with the customers the way they want it, wherever and whenever they are is becoming more and more a competitive advantage for businesses.

Business who use messaging apps achieve 33% higher customer satisfaction and more than 75% in cost savings. Sаme businesses report four times higher conversion rates and 10 times higher ROI.

Digital messaging added customer value

Customer experience is priority number 1 for all business. Messaging is a good way to provide better customer engagement

One of the major perks of messaging is that it’s widely used and much less formal than other means of communication. That’s certainly not the only advantage, however. It connects people regardless where they are actually located. It’s easier to make a chat with someone than to make a phone call.

Messaging works best in situations where one-on-one communication should be real-time, but not necessarily spoken. It takes much more time to respond to an email than to respond to a text message. It really is instant communication, faster even than email.

Conversational Commerce

If there is one thing the ongoing pandemic hasn’t changed it’s that customers want to be able to ask their questions and receive almost immediate answers. And that is in complete unison of the fact that we are increasingly becoming a society that’s dominated by information accessibility.

Chat and messaging have been growing in popularity for years now, and although voice remains the most popular channel, have you noticed how more and more chat windows are popping up across the web now more than ever? Messaging and chat are growing very quickly and are on track to become the preferred channel in the next few years – e-commerce platforms, online stores and even some small businesses like my local hairdresser now have a chat through their Facebook page where you can make an appointment or ask your questions.

The subtle chaos created by the Coronavirus is likely to accelerate the growth and the adoption of chat and messaging, and thus creating big opportunities for brands to planning their post Covid-19 CX strategies.

As we all know almost every country imposed lockdowns in an effort to control the virus that not just kept everyone at home but also left only the essential stores and services open. As a result of that many retailers had to get creative in finding ways to stay in touch and they used apps like Whatsapp to arrange delivery services, for example. All this resulted in customers getting exceptionally comfortable with chat messaging and it will be important for businesses to plan for this type of interactions to continue.

For companies that are really trying to shift their focus into offering more messaging and chat channels, there are serious advantages and benefits. For example:

  • A single agent can only handle one phone call at a time, but that same agent can manage a few chats simultaneously because there tends to be a slight delay in response when messaging. In addition, digital channels such as chat cost less that managing voice calls.
  • In support of the previous point is the fact that digital channels are much easier to set up for work from home agents (WFH) – they require a lot less infrastructure.
  • Chat can either be constantly staffed with humans or automated. You can use an AI-powered chat bot to answer simple questions and automatically hand-off the conversation to a human agent if the customer requires higher level of attention.
  • It’s a lot easier to gather, extract and process information from the text conversations. That information can then be used to train both the human agent and the chat-bot, as well as for other system improvements.

I listed some other benefits from a more narrow focus on chat and messaging in the beginning of this article but here is a short article from Forbes that also talks about messaging and chat - The ABCs of Great Customer Support.

So, this is the silver lining of the crisis, that companies from around the world rethink the way they do business and discovering new solutions like conversational commerce to solve problems. With this in mind, at Sixty-K (60K) we are already helping companies asking themselves “What comes next?”. For companies wanting to reap the benefits of chat and messaging, they need to source the right partner, to leverage their expertise, investment power in new technologies and flexibility in readiness to implement change.

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