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5 Ways to Maintain Your Balance During Isolation

  It’s been almost one year since the global Corona vrirus crisis began and we were all confined to the borders of our own homes. Even now, as the crisis continues and lockdowns are still in effect for some of us, it is normal to start feeling a little overwhelmed. And staying positive after all this time can be extremely difficult which is why it is super important to recognize when your stress levels have become too high and take proactive steps to remedy that and regain your feeling of self-awareness, balance and control.

It is important to find and even make time to rest. Because I realize we are all different human beings and there is no universal solution, I am going to share what works for me in these situations. These are all practices that help me regain control and feel myself again.

1) Make time for yourself

I know it’s hard when you’re got the entire family at home these days but do try and find a quiet corner. Someplace where you can sit down for a quick read or a coffee. Reading helps me take my mind off of things and relax.

2) Enjoy some fresh air

Remember back in the day when you used to go to the office, how you used to make the occasional coffee run? Well, do the same thing here. Get out of the house for a few minutes, go enjoy a stroll to the local coffee shop and back. I promise you will feel much better when you get back to the laptop at home.

Alternatively, use the weekends to go hiking. It is a great stress reliever, and a lot of people say it forces them to live in the moment and disconnect from thought about work.

3) Treat yourself

Since we are all spending more time at home nowadays consider what would make your time more enjoyable and the space more relaxing. For example, I love having fresh flowers around. They are colorful, smell beautiful and engage multiple senses at once.

4) Learn a new skill

Have you ever heard the saying that people are lifelong learners? Coursera is an excellent choice. They even have a plethora of free classes that you can take.

5) Find your personal escape (while staying at home)   

I for one thing love cooking. So, you can often find me scrolling through cooking websites on the lookout for a new recipe. Cooking lets me focus on the details get lost in the present. Oh, and the reward at the end.

Like I said in the beginning, although we all have our preferences and ways of finding balance and relaxing, I hope that the examples I gave you will at least help inspire you to find new ways to put a bit more emphasis on yourself.

Despite the challenging times we live in, we have to find a way to put aside our personal adversities and continue helping each other. Because we also need to remember that we can’t be there for each other unless we’re there for ourselves first.     

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