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Institute of Travel and Tourism

The Institute of Travel & Tourism is the only professional membership body for individuals employed in the travel and tourism industry, one of the largest trade sectors in the UK. ITT is dedicated to developing and maintaining high professional standards throughout the industry.

ITT is dedicated to working on behalf of its industry Members by:

  • Creating a series of events for the discussion and sharing of industry issues, as well as the opportunity to network with industry peers and colleagues
  • Raising and maintaining professional standards in the travel industry, through the Continued Personal Development (CPD) and training of individuals
  • Providing a platform and guidelines for the formal recognition of individual progress through the industry, which become the standards in our industry sector
  • Providing support and guidance for the individual throughout their career in travel and tourism
  • Representing and lobbying on behalf of the rights and views of the individual in the travel industry
  • Creating a database of the professional status and qualifications of its members

60K joined the ITT as a Corporate Partner in 2017.


Global Sourcing Association

The GSA is the industry association body for the global sourcing industry. They provide a portfolio of best practice methodologies and accreditation programmes supported by both buyers and suppliers of sourcing.

The GSA is a not-for-profit membership association which serves to share best practice, trends and connections across the globe bringing the global community together in a wholly interactive manner for the first time. Its objective is the ongoing development and dissemination of the standard and supporting portfolio of qualifications in order to improve the benefits and positive reputation, and therefore size, of the global sourcing industry.      

60k has been a member of the Global Sourcing Association (GSA) since 2012.


The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum

Тhe Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBF) is the leading organization in Bulgaria devoted to promoting the principles and values of corporate social responsibility (CSR). BBLF is a membership association with a large number of member companies, General meeting as a supreme body and a Managing Board as a management body. The Forum is affiliated to the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF).

It is BBLF's utmost goal to:

  • Promote socially responsible business practices that benefit business and society;
  • Develop projects and programmes to show how business, government and civil society work together and can successfully tackle a wide range of local issues;
  • Help leverage resources to bring partnership projects to scale and maximise impact;
  • Share ideas, information and experience of socially responsible business practice and partnership action at local and international levels to encourage replication;
  • Build leadership and management skills in these areas.


British Bulgarian Business Association

BBBA is a dynamic professional network, which provides a platform to facilitate dialogue and business among our members. We cooperate with business associations in Bulgaria and the UK, through which its members get the opportunity to connect with other potential business partners.

BBBA aims to provide a professional environment for business people and individuals who make up the British-Bulgarian business community. Other objectives of the organisation are to increase trade and investment activity between the United Kingdom and Bulgaria; to facilitate business relationships, economic development and sharing of knowledge for the benefit of both countries and the growth and success of BBBA members and to upgrade the knowledge and skills of members.

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