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Our community is our home. This is why, we believe that a company has the social responsibility to grow and nurture it. One of our main goals is to encourage our employees to take part in various social activities and initiatives. We believe that young people should be given the equal chance for a brighter future. We regularly provide sponsorships to sports athletes, artists or organizations and support individuals and foundations. Being part of our team, means being part of a mission to establish best practices and actions towards a better future for the community and the environment.


At 60k, we are committed to a long-term approach in safeguarding and caring for the environment. We aim to balance environmental considerations and social responsibility with our business goals.



As an environmentally conscious company we actively encourage recycling to reduce our carbon footprint. We often launch different campaigns the aim of which is to reduce the use of plastic cups or plates, in fact we provide a thermos mug for each new employee.


Caps off Initiative

All year around, we collect plastic caps from bottles and other packaging for recycling the proceeds from which we donate to different external initiatives. Through the years, we have donated to charity foundations in Sofia and Plovdiv who support underprivileged children or those with disabilities.


Caring for Nature

Bulgaria’s nature is beyond magnificent and as well as being involved in the community, we often organise different initiatives to clean the environment. When we get together to clean an eco-track in the mountains or a park in the city, we not only bond as a team but we find a common purpose and a drive to do something good and worthwhile.


As a socially responsible company, we strive to give back as much as we can. We work with various organisations and foundations which support children in need, those with disabilities, stray animals and teenagers from risk groups.


Charity Foundations    

Throughout the years, we have worked with various charity organizations and foundations in Bulgaria and in the UK. We are currently supporting “Detchica“ foundation which works with underprivileged children and with “Different but equal” foundation, which helps people with disabilities. 60k also supports "Make a Wish" Foundation and Teenage Cancer Trust


National causes

Apart from working with non-governmental institutions, 60k regularly takes part in independent national initiatives which support different causes. These include collecting books for small community centres around the country, collecting food for underprivileged families for Christmas and Easter, clothes for children with disabilities and many more.

One of the organisations we support since the very beginning is “One of 8” foundation, which aims to support women with breast cancer. Each year, the foundation carries out free breast cancer screenings touring Bulgaria with a pink decal camper and providing women with the chance to have a quick check up even if they don’t have access to a medical institution.



60k is not only a place to work, we nurture a friendly, family environment where people can be heard and appreciated. This is why, when we hear about an employee who needs support we set up donation boxes and initiate activities to fundraise, the engagement and support from our employees is always phenomenal.