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For Over 13 Years we Connect Customers to the World's Most Recognizable Companies

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Cost Effective

We Offer Our Clients a Highly Competitive Cost Structure that Reaffirms Our Commitment to Excelence  

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We Strive to be the Agile Business Partner Every Company Needs in Order to Foster a Great Partnership

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We are Never More Than Two Hours Away by Plane from Anywhere in Europe

More About 60K
1300 Employees
13 Years Experience
23 Languages
40 Plus Awards

60K is the largest independent outsourcer in South-East Europe

For 60K the key to a successful business comes from within and is directly related to how positive, satisfied and successful everyone who works for us is. 

We strive to provide a leading customer experience service which acts as an extension of our client’s business and exceeds the expectations of their end customer.

We have proven ourselves as a trustworthy partner that works with global clients who are known as worldwide leaders in their business sector.

We Are Global with Access to Fluent Speakers from Across the World

23 Languages and Dialects
Languages map
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Polish
  • Hebrew
  • Slovak
  • Dutch
  • Hungarian
  • Finnish
  • Estonian
  • Czech
  • Serbian
  • Turkish
  • Hindi
  • Russian
  • Greek
  • Bulgarian
  • Korean

Join our team

We Offer High Quality Services to Our Clients and a Fun Working Environment for Our Employees.

Working as part of 60K’s team is dynamic and a great career start. We provide our employees with a diverse range of options for both personal and professional development to allow them to reach their full potential.    

Every person with a desire for personal development and self-improvement, who is motivated and wants to get a sense of belonging to a team is welcome. We believe that we can learn something new from each person we meet, all throughout our lives, so we are open to new ideas and strive to learn new things every day.   

We also like to have fun though, and if you do too, then you are the perfect addition to 60K.   

If you like 60K and you want to become part of our team, you can do that by sending us your CV at or just by clicking the button below.

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