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Outsourcing contact center

60K provides a complete range of outbound contact centre services, enabling you to connect with prospects, customers, clients and employees in a wide variety of ways. We concentrate on building a relationship with your customers that provides the added value needed to preserve and grow your customer base.

By using 60K (Outsourcing contact center)  you are able to confidently place customer contact in our hands in the knowledge that we are an extension of your company and that we will treat the customers as if they were our own. This enables companies to concentrate on their core business activities.

Our goal is to turn each customer contact into sales and results. We continuously select, transfer, monitor, coach and supervise all our agents to ensure that they continuously provide the highest service levels possible. In addition we utilize predictive and progressive dialing software on large-volume campaigns to ensure the highest contact rate possible and to enable higher productivity with our agents so that you get the best value for money results.

Our Outsourcing company located in Bulgaria mixes capacity and expertise in order to offer you the correct resolution, taking into account the industry, proposal, timing and objectives that our clients are aiming to achieve. We involve our staff in every stage of the process, i.e. from planning your campaign to post campaign measurement We have a very focused listing of service offerings primarily specializing in outbound solutions.



Examples of Outbound contact centre solutions that 60k provides:


• Lead Generation / Qualification

• Telemarketing

• Seminar Registration

• Surveys

• Direct Mail Follow-up


• Trade Show Follow-up

• Fundraising

• Announce A Sale

• Grand Opening, Or Special Event

• Political Govt & Grass Roots Campaigns


• Recruiting

• Prospecting

• Up-Selling / Cross-Selling

• B2B or B2C Product/Service Selling