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Call centers in Bulgaria: 60K’s Jon Gladwish does not believe in competing on price


GoalEurope provides advisory services in the area of nearshore software development in Russia and Eastern Europe. Here is one of the latest articles written by Natasha Starkell (founder and CEO of GoalEurope) about Call Centres in Bulgaria and 60K in particular.

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Grand BBQ Team Building


60k Management Team has decided to take advantage of the lovely spring weather and throw an outdoor barbeque for all 60k employees and their families. The event will be held near the German monastery, where we will enjoy the natural beauty of Bulgaria and the sunny days we have ahead of us. Of course all kinds of outdoor activities for both adults and kids will be available – kites, volleyball, badminton, etc. Last, but definitely not least will be the juicy steaks, meatballs, grilled vegetables and wine and draft beer. This will surely keep up the energy of everybody, so they can enjoy the day to the fullest. So all that’s left is to pack up our good mood along with our favorite frisbee in the picnic basket and our perfect day with the colleagues will be guaranteed!

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60K became a proud member of the National Outsourcing Association


60k has become a member of National Outsourcing Association - The foundation for the NOA was a response to a growing need for both outsourcing customers and suppliers to share ideas, review successes and failures, stop re-inventing wheels, and in doing so create a body of ‘expertise and best practice’ that could carry the industry forward. Today it had been recognised that organisations look towards outsourcing to obtain strategic business step changes, which were not possible organically or by simple acquisition. Outsourcing inherently is generic and the association had recognised that it was the organisational business objectives that were important and makes major contributions to Business Technology and Business Process Outsourcing.

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Investors of the Decade

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