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Customer Service

Customer support

When a web visitor seeks assistance, a reactive text session is initiated by clicking on a link. The customer support executive interacts with the web visitor, understands the requirements, resolves the query and closes the interaction. Alternately, based on the requirements and on predefined parameters the customer support representative could also trigger a proactive chat session with the web client.

Customer Service or Great Customer Service? At 60k we are committed to delivering great customer service by not only meeting but exceeding our customers' expectations. We specialize in providing individualized contact with customers, including multilingual capabilities and specialized knowledge skills. We deliver Customer service through three main methods: written, face-to-face and telephone. Our culture is rooted in the belief that exceptional performance is a combination of highly trained professionals, exceptional tools, individually developed QA system and measurement. We are committed to providing highest possible quality customer service at the most competitive price, allowing you to focus on managing your business rather than managing your vendor. At the center of every business is the customer. Once Peter Drucker wrote “The customer is the foundation of the business and keeps it in existence”. At 60K we have placed an increasing emphasis on customer service as a means of providing continuous improvement to the operation of our company. The bridge between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is built with positive emotion. We make our customers feel special, appreciated, valued, important,heard, secure and  respected. We invest in our people regularly with training, mentoring and education.

Our goal is to create a partnership between your company and our contact  center management team. The objective of this partnership is to jointly support your goals by reviewing your progress, keeping you informed and providing recommendations to improve performance. We can:
- Create customer service standards
- Call recording and monitoring
- On Site Coaching Assistance
- On-demand reporting
- Sales and Retention Performance Measurement
- Training



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